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Which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in Google Ads?


  • ad preference
  • device
  • time of day
  • location


Ad preference is not a user characteristic that can be used to change keyword bids in Google Ads.


Google Ads allows advertisers to adjust keyword bids based on various user characteristics such as device, time of day, and location. Advertisers can target their ads to specific devices (such as mobile devices), specific times of the day (such as during peak hours), and specific locations (such as cities or zip codes). These targeting options help advertisers reach their desired audience more effectively and efficiently.

Ad preference, however, is not a user characteristic that is used for bid adjustments in Google Ads. Ad preferences refer to the settings that users can adjust in their Google account to control the ads that they see. Users can indicate their preferences for certain ad types or topics, but these preferences do not affect keyword bids in Google Ads.


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