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For autotagging, what parameter does Google ads include in the destination URL?


  • utm=
  • urlid=
  • adid=
  • gclid=


For autotagging, Google Ads includes the “gclid” parameter in the destination URL.


The “gclid” parameter is a unique tracking parameter that Google Ads adds to the destination URLs of ads when autotagging is enabled. This parameter allows Google Ads to track clicks on the ad and attribute them to the appropriate ad campaign and keyword.

When a user clicks on an ad with autotagging enabled, the gclid parameter is included in the destination URL of the landing page. The gclid parameter contains a unique identifier that allows Google Ads to match the click with the ad that was clicked and track information such as the ad group, campaign, and keyword that triggered the ad.

The other parameters mentioned in the question (utm, urlid, adid) are not included in the destination URL by default when autotagging is enabled, although they can be added manually by the advertiser if desired.


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