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What Are Two Ways Dynamic Search Ads Brings Value to an Advertising Campaign? (Choose Two.)


  • It promotes advertising on social media platforms.
  • It allows for greater control over keywords.
  • It reduces the needed advertising budget.
  • It creates new ads automatically.
  • It finds traffic an advertiser might miss.

Answer: “It creates new ads automatically” & “It finds traffic an advertiser might miss” are the two ways dynamic search Ads bring value to an advertising campaign.

It creates new ads automatically:

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) automatically generate ads based on the content of your website, eliminating the need to create and manage individual ad creatives for every product or service you offer. This can save time and resources and ensure that your ads are always up-to-date with the latest information from your website.

It finds traffic an advertiser might miss:

DSAs can help identify and capture relevant search traffic that might not be covered by traditional keyword-based campaigns. These ads can match user queries to the content on your website, ensuring that your ads are shown to users searching for terms that might not be part of your existing keyword list. This can help you reach a broader audience and potentially discover new, valuable customers.

Steps to Create a Dynamic Search Ad with a New Add Campaign:

Follow the below steps to create a dynamic search Ad:

  • Create a Google Ad account & sign in to the newly created account.
  • Click on the campaign icon and add a new campaign.
  • Select goals for your campaign or you can continue without any goal.
  • In the next step, you have to select search as your campaign type.
  • Continue the process & select your campaign name, targeted location, language & budget.
  • If you want Google to handle your bidding then choose an “Automated Bid Strategy” like enhanced CPC or Targeted CPA.
  • Select your maximum budget & bid limit.
  • Save & review the campaign setting.
  • If everything is fine, publish the campaign.
  • Go to the settings page & select the dynamic search Ads settings.
  • Enter your domain name, and language & save.


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