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In an SEM auction, your quality score is based on which aspect of your ad?


  • Bid
  • Relevance
  • Wit
  • Length


In an SEM auction, your quality score is based on the “relevance” aspect of your ad.


Quality score is a metric used by search engines to determine the quality and relevance of an ad and its landing page. The score is calculated based on several factors, including the ad’s click-through rate, the relevance and quality of the ad’s copy and keywords, the quality of the landing page, and the historical performance of the advertiser’s account.

The relevance aspect of the ad considers how well the ad matches the user’s search query and the relevance of the ad copy to the landing page. A high-quality score indicates that the ad is relevant and useful to the user, which can lead to a higher ad position and a lower cost-per-click.

In SEM auctions, quality score is often used in combination with the bid amount to determine the ad’s position on the search engine results page (SERP). Advertisers with a high-quality score can achieve a higher position on the SERP than those with a lower quality score, even if their bid amount is lower.

Wit and length are not considered as factors for calculating the quality score of an SEM ad.


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