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What two types of remarketing can be used on Google display Ads?


  • Custom remarketing
  • Email remarketing
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Standard remarketing


The two types of remarketing that can be used on Google Display Ads are: Standard remarketing & Dynamic remarketing.

Explanation: What two types of remarketing can be used on Google display Ads?

Standard remarketing:

This type of remarketing allows advertisers to show ads to users who have previously visited their website or mobile app. Advertisers can create audience lists based on specific criteria, such as the pages visited, actions taken, or duration of the visit. These audience lists are then used to target relevant ads to these past visitors as they browse other websites within the Google Display Network.

Dynamic remarketing:

Dynamic remarketing takes standard remarketing a step further by enabling advertisers to show personalized ads to users based on the specific products or services they viewed on the advertiser’s website or app. It uses the data from the advertiser’s product feed to dynamically generate ads that feature the previously viewed products. This allows for more personalized and targeted messaging, increasing the chances of conversion.

Both types of remarketing are effective strategies to re-engage with past website or app visitors and increase the chances of converting them into customers. The choice between standard remarketing and dynamic remarketing depends on the advertiser’s specific goals and the level of personalization desired in their remarketing efforts.


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