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How to Get More Likes and Fans on Facebook Business Page?


According to over 60 Million business pages are there on Facebook and the number is increasing day by day. Some of them don’t have any business websites but they have an engaging business page on Facebook.

Today we will be discussing how to improve the scope of a Facebook page. This can actually be very simple if we play the cards we’ve been given. Therefore, it is important to review the fundamentals of good management Facebook page:

  • Good content
  • Good moderation
  • Own production

In this sense, if we meet the vast majority of these legs, we will be able to generate a significant extent, and in turn, considering the content, we will also be able to generate better interaction. In the case of Ads, we will retain our users and show that made a good decision by clicking on our ad. Beyond this, there are some issues we need to keep in mind that also relate to Facebook’s new algorithms.

Decide the number of publications :

Facebook’s new algorithms can reach penalize us for publishing too, which would decrease our reach. On the other hand, if we publish too little, such as once a week, then we are making a mistake. The number of publications depends on each account, but we have to consider a daily presence in order to be present for a considerable time in the feed of our users. With one or two posts per day, to be published several hours apart, we can begin to improve our reach.

Vary the type of posts :

Talked for some lines about the importance of varying the type of content. We know that the photos work well, but is it really necessary that all our publications are related to images? While we highlight what we mean, change the orientation and place, to give an example, a status update with a link without a preview can help us increase our reach when we come to repetitive content publishing, in terms of type. The same is true with the links: ensure we do not too powerful, so the least we should consider them indispensable.

Use properly sized attractive images :

since we’re talking about images, it is also important to consider that we can not put any photos. If we put a picture too small, pixelará when viewed on our site. If we put a too large, then you can not see the information contained within it. Therefore, we need to know the best format to do, so we can make the most. For publications on the fan page, the appropriate size is 403×403 pixels, and if we are planning to highlight the image in the Timeline, the size is 843x403px.

Proposes interesting content :

Once you have an attractive photo, we have to think of ways to generate interaction with the fans who will be able to view the publication. Therefore, our content has to be interesting and encourage people to comment and share. Thus, text and image play an important role in the publications we spend to have a greater reach, which, in fact, should be all.

Boost your publications with Ads :

Finally, if we have the budget to do the last alternative is related to reaching a larger number of people driving a publication through a sponsored story, for example. With a short text, not to exceed 90 characters, and with an image of desire to share, we will be ready. Remember that there are many things we need to do to have a successful sponsored story, and therefore we have to consider many issues such as those discussed earlier.

Use Hashtags on Facebook:

We used to use it on Twitter, recently we start using them on Instagram but certainly, the arrival of the hashtags on Facebook will lead to a revolution in the way we communicate and seek social network content.

From now on users can use them as they use on Twitter and other social networks. According to the social network, the goal is to raise the visibility of interesting topics that people are talking about, whether public events, people, or specific themes. In this way, users can click to include hashtags in the platform as well as other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, hashtags on Facebook to add context to a publication or indicate that a part of a conversation is wide.

Facebook, aware of the interest that hashtags may also have to advertisers, has released some clarifications for those community managers and marketers who want to use them:

  • If you are already using hashtags in an advertising campaign through other channels, you can extend these campaigns by incorporating hashtags in Facebook advertising.
  • Any hashtag you use on other platforms connected to your Facebook page will automatically be identifiable on Facebook and can be clicked.
  • Like other marketing tools on Facebook, you can follow hashtags and start conversations about your business. We recommend that you identify public conversations taking place in real time and try strategies for initiating conversations about your business with hashtags.
  • In both desktop and mobile versions, the hashtags do not affect your content or interaction with the Latest News, so we recommend sticking with existing campaigns.

Hashtags are the first step to giving visibility to relevant public conversations. Surely users will soon use it.


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