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7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Important in 2022


According to Inbound Rocket, “More than 34% people have an Email ID, that means more than 2.5 B people use Email”. And the number will increase soon in upcoming years. One interesting stat is “daily 196 B emails have been delivered every day, among them 109 B is on business purpose”.

Email marketing is the very first strategy and way of digital marketing. However, if we talk about digital marketing, many will go for social media marketing and others. They may think, now these days email marketing has no impact at all. But it is evident to cut their words as email marking always and still has the same potential as before. The return on investment ratio of email marketing is about 44. That means if you invest $100 in marketing your business or product, you will gain $4400 in return.

Now let’s see how this works, and the reasons you can rely on email marketing to promote your business the products. Here are the top 7 reasons.

1. Drawing Attention of People

On the web and various types of social media, there are a lot of ads and pop up. These things mainly bother than they can find useful. So, most of the ads and pop-ups get ignored by the people of users. However, email has an impact because it is sent to their email directly.

91% of the email user at least opens their mail ID once a day while maximum busy people do not get enough time to scrawl their social media feeds. The open rate of emails depends upon the tactics used to send them. You can consider and understand this from the given data. Such as, signing up mail list has an open rate of 47 percent while a newsletter has only 21 percent of opening rates.

2. Reaching More and More People

A person using the internet must have an email address. To open an account on any of the online platforms you need an email. To get connected to the world and the important information, people get connected with email.

We can easily say that email users are more in number than social media users. Data talks about it, there are more than 3.8 billion users of email whereas the Facebook users are 1.5 billion. So as most people are using email, through email you can reach more people.

3. Subscribers

You can reach out to the audience and retain them in the list. Using social media you are bounded by the number of contents for the users to see. But in email marketing, you have no limit or boundary. Moreover, you can send specific content to a specific type of audience.

You have to remind to send only quality and relevant content to people.

4. Suitable User Interface

The opening rates of email on mobile are more than that of PCs. It is around 68 percent. But the email should and must be mobile optimized. So that users can enjoy opening emails on mobile. You have to pay attention to whether the template you are sending is suitable for mobile as well as PCs. Design the format so that the emails look nice on every type of device.

5. Tracking the Customer Activities

You can track the customer activities with the email you send them. You can see what part of the email gets the click and analyze why one clicks on the link.

For example, one always sends a list of cosmetic items and rarely has a click. Them it should be reconsidered the presentation of the mail generally sent.

You can also track which product is getting the most clicks from the audience.  How you can increase sales using the links on another platform.

6. More Beneficial than Social Media:

We don’t have any intention to degrade social media here. As well as email marketing social media also has a vital role in marketing. But then the thing comes to conversion then email marketing is more effective than any other marketing strategy. It is proved that the conversion rate to subscribers or buyers in email marketing is better than in social media marketing, organic search even PPC sometimes. 

7. Process is mechanical & cost-effective:

Email marketing is more cost-effective than other marketing techniques. In social media and PPC, you need to spend a lot to run a campaign. Also, organic traffic is a long time and costly process. Comparatively, you can get a good result within a short period of time by using email marketing.

Due to the availability of some great tools email marketing is now hassle-free. You can buy a huge list of targeted emails from a reputed seller. There are more options available for collecting quality emails: you can scrape emails from the web or use LinkedIn premium service for the best result.

Subscribe to an easy-to-use tool to run a successful campaign and hold back tightly for the result.


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